Minimalism in Black ft. Yolanda Acree

Breaking down the black minimalist experience with Yolanda Acree of

Show notes:

How do you define minimalism? 1:41

The origins of 2:15

The lack of black folks in the mainstream minimalist movement (The Minimalists, Joshua BeckerProject 333) 2:40

Minimalism as a tool for liberation 3:40

Freeing ourselves as a community 5:04

The tension of being black and wanting less 6:58
(Why should we give up our lifestyle when we've worked so hard to get here?)

Is minimalism for white people? 9:20

Are we glamorizing poverty? 11:03

Yolanda’s journey to minimalism 13:17

Words of wisdom on becoming a minimalist 16:19

Learning to say no 17:37

The future of 18:56

Being the minimalist in the family 20:06

What’s next for Black Minimalists and how you can get involved 21:36

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