What's In Your Closet?

Our next minimalist challenge: clearing out old clothes in the closet.

Show notes:

🎶 I keep holding on... 🎶 to clothes from a previous life 1:47

Shoe game 2:53

When’s the last time you wore it? 7:32

Buying vs. renting clothes (Rent the Runway) 8:44

"She’s not doing skirts.” 9:40

The clothes you can no longer fit (and probably won’t fit ever again) 10:16

Who wants to buy a wedding dress and shoes?! 😜 12:33

Choosing clothes for the life you intend to live 14:47

The downside of fast fashion 15:40

High school gems 17:10

Secret closets in other people’s homes 18:40

Parting with favorite vintage finds 19:56

The clothes that didn’t fit when you bought them 🤦 21:45

Blogger Life: shopping for Instagram 21:57

Damaged or faded clothes 23:18

Clothes that were gifts that you hate 27:28

Planning our Black Panther outfits 30:36

Beginning to practice mindful shopping 32:27

Throw away fails 34:57

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