Money Talk with Vanessa Lumby of Cash Cow Couple

A step-by-step guide to minimalist budgeting with Vanessa Lumby of Check out the article this episode is based on, Our Minimalist Lifestyle: Thriving on $1,000/month.

Show Notes:

How do you define minimalism? 1:47

Living on less for a purpose 2:07

The student loan struggle 😫 3:20

Single to married; apartment to mobile home 4:27

Mobile living perks 5:19

Lessons in gratitude 6:18

Talking about money growing up 7:22

When it gets real: discussing credit scores and debt 9:07

"Free money on campus! And a t-shirt!" 9:52

Paying off their debt in the first year of marriage 10:49

Still living on $1,000 per month? 11:24

Creating their minimalist budget 12:26

More money, more problems 13:20

The goal of financial freedom 14:47

Childhood dreams vs. adult reality 16:04

Would you ever live in a mansion? 16:28

Who’s more frugal? 18:15

Date night on a dime 20:46

Making friends in a new city while trying to save 22:25

Navigating gifts from family and friends 23:52

Monitoring your spending with Personal Capital 28:43

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